Raw Sunshine

As comedy cannot properly function in an art space and contemporary art cannot properly function in a comedy space, Raw Sunshine aims to exist in a conceptual space between the two.
In his book, Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious, Freud argues that you can't appreciate something comedic if you feel isolated from others.
This is the experience most people feel looking at art in a gallery.
Therefore, a work of art that tries to be funny will never be a fully developed idea, because the artist is demanding a reaction they will never achieve.
Combing attempts at visually replicating my bipolar mood swings with a modern spin on the experimental special effects and sound production techniques used in the 60’s psychedelic era, resulted in Raw Sunshine: A short film exploring social and political issues through clips of myself performing stand-up comedy, animated dream sequences, and video experiments inspired by my first visit to the United States in 2019 where I experienced the atmosphere of growing civil unrest in New York City.